About Me

Nourish Me Whole is here because I've spent the last several years learning a very valuable lesson, which deserves to be shared.

Nourishing yourself is not just about the food we eat, although it's certainly where it all begins. To live wholly and happily in a way that makes sense to each of us individually, we need to draw nourishment from every part of our lives - food, movement, nature, relationships, work, spirituality, love - just to name a few.

We each have our own list of things we know are nourishing, kind and healthy for us, and which make us whole - a list that is exceptionally different for everyone.

For me, many things on that list revolve around creating and eating food that's clean, real and whole, which is what I want to share with you.

No matter who you are, what your health is like, what your beliefs are or what you want for yourself, figuring out how you can connect with your body and learn what it needs to be nourished can only lead to wonderful things.

Everybody's answer to this is different, and nobody can solve the puzzle for you - it's a matter of trial and error, with self love at the core.

What you'll find here...

You'll find quality recipes and ideas that focus on nourishing the body and living well, delivered in the simplest way. No fluff.

When you find something that you love, leave me a comment and let me know! 

Enjoy the things that you know will nourish you.

Enjoy them so much that there's no longer room for anything that doesn't.

Sophie xx