About Me

Hi! Iโ€™m Sophie :-) Iโ€™m a Health & Nutrition Coach based in Sydney, Australia and my mission is to show you how to find your own unique, authentic health. To live wholly and happily in a way that makes sense to us, we need to draw nourishment from every part of our lives - food, movement, nature, relationships, work, spirituality, love - just to name a few. We each have our own, precious list of things that make us whole. It's a list thatโ€™s exceptionally different for everyone, and we can only find ours by listening to what our body tells us, with self-love always at the core. No matter who you are, knowing how to nourish yourself can only lead to a wonderful, joyful, full life. I hope I can help you fall in love with learning what makes you healthy and happy - the food that makes your body tick, the activities that lower your stress, the hobbies that capture your heart and make you smile - the things create the authentic you.

Enjoy what will nourish you. Enjoy it so much that there is no room for anything that doesn't.

Sophie xx