Things Have Changed at NMW!

Things Have Changed at NMW!

We have big news!

Nourish Me Whole has spent the last year or so evolving with and sharing content with sister page, iusetime. Now, iusetime has grown into a deep well of positive impact. It's been such a great focus for me that I’ve been forced to minimise new content for Nourish Me Whole - but with NMW still delivering so much good in it’s own right, I can’t bear to just turn away!

So, we’re joining forces!

Rather than continue to create the odd recipe here and there, iusetime is offering me the platform to structure my delivery of good nutritional health within the wider realm of holistic wellness and complete, true happiness.

This will vastly widen the scope of what I can share with you. It's a fantastic, purpose-aligned opportunity that I’ve only ever imagined the possibility to do - an offer too good to refuse!

What this change all boils down to is, funnily enough, the exact reason why Nourish Me Whole came to be, reflected in my very first description of what I wanted to do. How little I knew that it’s where we would end up:

“Nourishing yourself is not just about the food we eat, although it’s certainly where it all begins. To live wholly and happily in a way that makes sense to each of us individually, we need to draw nourishment from every part of our lives - food, movement, nature, relationships, work, spirituality, love - just to name a few.”

It’s with excitement, nerves, joy, nostalgia and a little sadness that I close the Nourish Me Whole chapter, and embark on this new amazing new one.

Introducing, The Life Spectrum

The Life Spectrum is the holistic happiness theory that iusetime is on a mission to share with as many people as humanly possible. It’s the belief that we achieve true contentment through seeking balance of all that's truly important - our mindset, body, soul, purpose and connections. 

As my gift to you, please click this link for a FREE copy of the iusetime e-book on The Life Spectrum!

As an iusetime subscriber, you’ll still have heaps of access to all things healthy food - recipes, videos, links etc, but now SO much more. I really hope you'll join me! 

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Much love and gratitude for your beautiful support.

Sophie xx 

Honey Jalapeño Beef Jerky

Honey Jalapeño Beef Jerky