About Me

Hi! I’m Sophie. I’m a Health & Nutrition Coach based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve spent the bulk of my corporate career as a C-Suite Executive Assistant, witnessing first hand how stress has impacted the corporate world, and how impossible it can be to sustain good health. The injustice of this was always at the back of my mind, right up until 2015 when my husband was diagnosed with acute leukaemia, and nearly lost his life. Less than a year later, my best friend passed away suddenly due to complications with a serious autoimmune condition, taking her full-term baby girl with her. Both cases were enormously complicated, but that niggling feeling was then cemented for me - the busier we’re getting, the sicker we’re getting, and that’s not fair on anybody. I set a mission to show those - particularly those who don’t think there are enough hours in the day - how to achieve their own simple, authentic health. After all, if you don’t have your health, you’re productivity will ultimately suffer. Good health for the time-poor is a necessity, not a luxury.

Authentic health is not just about what we eat. We each have our own precious list of things that make us whole. Food, movement, nature, relationships, work, spirituality, love - just to name a few. That list is exceptionally different for everyone, and we can only find ours by listening to what our body tells us, with self-love always at the core. Knowing how to nourish yourself can only lead to a wonderful, joyful, full life, living as the authentic you. Enjoy what will nourish you. Enjoy it so much that there is no room for anything that doesn't.

Sophie xx