How to Eat an Avocado Seed

How to Eat an Avocado Seed



This little amateur video got an extreme amount of attention, and appears to have polarised so many of us!

I’d like to formally clarify that I’m NOT a professional nutritionist, chef or biologist. I am someone who is intensely passionate about natural health, and whenever I read about a food/idea/recipe that makes sense to me and inspires me, I share it.

There is a range of research around whether or not the avocado seed should be consumed. Please ensure you read a few articles from both sides before making your decision whether or not to try it (and if you do, start slowly).

This is of particular importance if you have any significant health issues, or are pregnant. Please check with your doctor and make a thoroughly informed decision.

The information I shared in my video and blog post come from the below sources:…/31737-eat-avocado-seeds-nutrit…/

Love and gratitude to all of you who have shed light and shade on this controversial topic. It’s clear that so many of us are working towards better health, which is the most important thing <3

Sophie xx

Did you know that the seed of an avocado is the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit?

Apparently we should be eating it, not throwing it away! 

Avocado Seed
Avocado Seed

Um, why? 

Amongst all the goodness within each seed is said to be:

- 70% of the antioxidants found in the whole avocado, which help to regulate intestinal function

- More soluble fibre than most other rich sources

- Oils that increase the collagen in our skin, assisting with wrinkles and keeps our hair shiny

Unfortunately, though, it usually does end up in the garbage. It's extremely bitter taste probably has a lot to do with that... but there's so much benefit to be had by eating it, so it's worth investigating how we might go about it.

Eating the avocado seed is not only a great way to get extra nutrients in to your diet, but also a great way to minimise wastage - I love the idea of using more of a food in cooking than what gets thrown away!

Read more about how awesome the avocado seed is here.

Ok then... how on earth do I eat it?

The easiest way to eat the seed is to dehydrate it (to increase it's shelf life), and then grind it in to a powder to be added to smoothies and juices.

That way, we can add lots of lovely strong flavours to mask the bitterness of the seed. Good choices to do this are tart berries, ginger and citrus.

How do I make the powder?

  1. Remove the seed as you normally would - tap a sharp knife into it, and twist.
  2. Rinse the seed, then place in an oven pan and dehydrate the seed at 120C for 1.5 - 2 hours.
  3. Once the seed has cooled to the touch, discard the dry outer skin. Then find the seam created by your knife when you removed your seed, and gently press your knife down in to it. The seed should pop into two halves. Be sure to spread your fingers on your free hand when you do this, in case the seed rolls.
  4. Using a sharp knife, dice the seed halves. Still ensure your fingers are kept away, just in case.
  5. Using a high powdered blender (a Vitamix is ideal), blitz the diced seed into a fine powder.
  6. Store in the fridge in an air tight container, and use a tablespoon at a time for your smoothies and juices.

Ugh, too many words...

Here's a video to show you! :-) x

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