How to Eat an Avocado Seed

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You'll find the video is below, but first, please read this...

This little video got buckets of attention, which is awesome, because it means people care about what goes into their body (hallelujah!). Eating an avocado seed is a controversial idea, so please be aware that:

  • I am NOT a professional nutritionist, chef or biologist. I am someone who is intensely passionate about natural health, and I hold an Accredited Certificate in Nutrition.
  • There is a range of research around whether or not the avocado seed should be consumed, and both sides are strenuously supported. Please take ownership of your health and ensure you do your own research before making the decision whether or not to try it.
  • This is of particular importance if you have any significant health issues, or are pregnant. Please check with your doctor and make a thoroughly informed decision.

Love and gratitude to all of you who have shed light and shade on this controversial topic. It’s clear that so many of us are working towards better health, which is a wonderful thing x


So if it's so controversial, why would I risk trying it?

Needless to say, I'm in camp 'give it a go', if you've got a good understanding of your health and you'll be able to recognise if it's your body isn't loving it.

The theory is to capture the powerhouse of nutrients that lie within the avocado seed by grinding it down to a powder, that you can then consume (in small doses) in amongst your other foods, like smoothies, breads or bliss balls. With the amazing nutritional value of the humble avocado being so well known, it's quite well believed that the seed - from which all these incredible benefits began - is naturally an intensified source. 

On it's own, it tastes bitter. Don't do that. Make sure you balance it with something sweet, and go slow.


Righto, noted. So... how do I go about eating it?

1.      Remove the seed as you normally would - tap a sharp knife into it, and twist.

2.    Rinse the seed, then place in an oven pan and dehydrate the seed at 120C for 1.5 - 2 hours.

3.     Once the seed has cooled to the touch, discard the dry outer skin. Then find the seam created by your knife when you removed your seed, and gently press your knife down in to it. The seed should pop into two halves. Be sure to spread your fingers on your free hand when you do this, in case the seed rolls.

4.    Using a sharp knife, dice the seed halves. Still ensure your fingers are kept away, just in case.

5.     Using a high powdered blender (a Vitamix is ideal), blitz the diced seed into a fine powder.

6.    Store in the fridge in an air tight container, and use a tablespoon at a time for your smoothies and juices.


...and here's the video!